A-HOME Family in Jiufen |
The Chen family
Brother Yong, Sister Mei, The Chen twins (Didi and Cher).

「With a home, feels stable and calm. Life still moves on without lots of money! Most importantly, my wife and I are living in a space which is built on our own, we are happy everyday.」

It is hard to imagine that Brother Yong was once a vice president of a real estate agency in Taipei City, he admits that in those days, he used to dress in suits and look smart everyday; looked good in other people's eyes but he was not happy at all, all he wanted was to go back to Jiufen as soon as possible.

At the age of 35, he encountered recessions of real estate, this dismal reason made him return to his home; with all the debts to start-over, it may sound easy, but the word "painful" is not enough to describe all the hard work he made. He went to Japan to learn how to build wooden house for 3 months; understanding the constructions of building, after returning to Taiwan, he started to build his own house.

With his magical hands, Brother Yong transformed unremarkable driftwood into simple retro-styled floor and staircase; and with Sister Mei hand-painted wall, hand stitched pillowcase and sofa set brings their Jiufen home vitality since, also brightens the heart of the A-HOME family.

About the Chen Family:

Brother Yong, the carpentry director of the hand-built house

Sister Mei, unique taste of installation art

Didi, lighting fast handsome boy (the Brad Pitt of dogs)

Cher, well mannered pretty girl (the Charlize Theron of dogs)

A-HOME Exclusive Club
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A-HOME Club Observatory
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