A-HOME Exclusive Tour |
In order to change tourist only have crazy looks on their faces for taro balls.
The master of travelling, Brother Yong, specially designed three astonishing routes for you to discover the beauty of Taiwan within a short journey.

Whether it is wandering around Jiufen, gold legend of Jinguashi, weird shaped rocks which almost as well as Yeliu, Fulong sand sculpture during summer, release wishing flying lantern at Pingxi, or yawning cats at Houtong, Brother Yong takes you start off from Jiufen and write your own heart moving travel journal.


The package tours are not applicable during Chinese New Year period and consecutive holidays.

The tour master Brother Yong specially planned 3 days 2 nights and 5 days 4 nights package tour, depth tour around Northern Taiwan for foreign tourists.

To know more, please contact:ahome9454@gmail.com Sister Mei