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In order to change tourist only have crazy looks on their faces for taro balls.
The master of travelling, Brother Yong, specially designed three astonishing routes for you to discover the beauty of Taiwan within a short journey.

Travel between the sky and the sea, fantastical rock search tour

8-person luxurious van (under 6 person), the tour is around 10 hours, your specially designed golden trip can be planned accordingly to weather and your interest, for fees and route please contact ahome9454@gmail.com Sister Mei for further information.

Healthy breakfast
Taoyuan Valley or Gold Ecological Park
Nanya fantastical rock

(shooting site of movie and TV drama)

Longdong Cliff Coast
Longmen Magpie Bridge
Diu diu tong bicycle tunnel tour.
Golden Coast
Fulong railway bento
Cypress Sculpture Museum
(Stays in Jiufen)

Northeast peak, fantastical rock, cliff, Pacific Ocean sunrise, East China Sea sunset, local fresh seafood...

Snorkeling is the best activity during summertime.

Greece of the East

Taoyuan Valley - makes you want to lie on the ground and look up to the blue sky.

When huge herds of hairtail fish comes during summer night, fishers are like the gunners fighting in World War fishing wave after wave. Have you ever been to any place that you see almost 300 fishing boats fishing at the same time, flourishing like that Taiwan night markets...

World wonder - Golden Coast
Picture of Brother Yong and pretty girl in front of Shixiang coast
Northeast peak mushroom shaped rock
Waves beating on shore, spectacular
Blooming lily during spring.
Taste the freshly fished seafood cuisine.
Nanya Qiyan, master of foolish is going to move the mountain
60 years brand - railway bento
Bitoujiao Cliff
Paint-like scenes
Malaysian friends having fun in front of the Longmen Magpie Bridge.
Sand sculpting held at Fulong Shazhou every July.