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In order to change tourist only have crazy looks on their faces for taro balls.
The master of travelling, Brother Yong, specially designed three astonishing routes for you to discover the beauty of Taiwan within a short journey.

Intellectual tour of golden mountain city and mining area

8-person luxurious van (under 6 person), the tour is around 10 hours, your specially designed golden trip can be planned accordingly to weather and your interest, for fees and route please contact ahome9454@gmail.com Sister Mei for further information.

Gold Ecological Park
The Chronopher Mountain
Golden Waterfall
13-Layer Remains of Copper Refinery
Golden Coast
FIT tour of Jiufen old street and mountain city tour

Travel, let you understand the cultures between different countries.
Gourmet, gives you feeling of fullness with happiness.
Story, a reason to make you feel touched.
Only by walking slowly and let the locals tell you,
how beautiful our homeland is.

Golden Waterfall - Penang 4-person tour

Tung flowers blooming on road no.102

Northern Taiwan is not just Jiufen, Pingxi and Yeliu,
there are other unique private sites on the mountain and by the sea.
Experience four seasons, different appearance with elegance -
Intellectual tour of Golden mountain city and mining area.

13-Layer Remains of Copper Refinery and Shuizun Bridge
Overlooking Dadu Beauty Mountain from Shumeiping
Homeland of famous movie director - Wu Nian-Zhen, Dachukeng Tribe.
Shuhaiping - open roofed mine trail
Golden Coast
Gold Museum (Four Joined of Japanese-Style Residence) - theme for TV drama.
Gold Museum - visit Tunnel No.5
Memorable road No.102 (famous site for car, coffee and beer TV commercials).
Overlook the sea of clouds on the Pacific Ocean during spring and autumn.
Taiwan's few remaining century Fulong railway bento.
Scene of sea of clouds at Jiufen mountain