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Driftwood at the beach next to Jiufen mountains, dowry of Brother Yong's grandmother...
All the treasures which were kept or picked up, are the life of the hand-built home.

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"Look closely!If the size and format of the stones are the same, means they are wealthy, the more different of the stones, the poorer the people, because they built their house with the leftovers of other people!"

Look the A-HOME built from these "irregular"stones, actually restores the original feelings of old Jiufen, with consistent accumulated imaginations from Brother Yong and Sister Mei, a different Jiufen handcrafted house has been created.The Japanese Zen-style of "A-HOME", the old artistic-style of "Rock House", the romantic colors of mountain and ocean of "Wanching Sea" and the astonishing balcony view with the smell of coffee of "VIP Guesthouse", everything is worth a try for the visitors, be a different styled "Fool", promise you will have a different reward!

Price List
  WeekdayHolidayChinese New YearPersonExtra BedMax PersonInterior SpaceExterior Space
A-HOMEWind Pavilion3,3803,8804,8004-4Approx.15 ping 6 ping
Mountain Stream Court3,3803,8804,8004-4Approx.20 ping15 ping
Rock HouseExquisite Double Room2,0802,3803,0002-3Approx.5 ping-


  1. Special price of NT$2800 for Wind Pavilion and Mountain Stream Court on birthday (or the day in the same month) and honeymoon (within 6 months of marriage), limited to 2 person (please provide valid document for proof), not applicable on Chinese New Year period, holidays and consecutive holidays.
  2. To save our planet, please bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.
  3. Please pay deposit (50% of total price) within 2 days after booking, and login BnBHotels website to "notify transfer", for verification.
  4. Please advise 3 days prior if you cannot arrive on booking date, you will be refunded or keeping reservation for 3 months after deducted NT$100 as handling charge. No deposit will be refunded if informing 1 day prior or on arrival date.
  5. Whenever there is difference of actual price with the computer system, the balances will be paid to either side as the case may be. Balance of payment will be paid when guests arrive.

【Definitions of Holiday & Weekday】

  • Weekday: Monday to Thursday and Sunday, holiday excluded.
  • Holiday: Friday, Saturday, national holiday and consecutive holidays plus the day before(the last day is not included)
  • Chinese New Year: Not opened on Chinese New Year's eve, 20% service charge will be added on 1st to 5th of Chinese New Year.


  1. Breakfast is available at the homestay.
  2. Please do not bring pets, drink alcohol and play poker / mahjong
  3. Please keep voice down after 11pm

A-HOME Observatory