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In order to change tourist only have crazy looks on their faces for taro balls.
The master of travelling, Brother Yong, specially designed three astonishing routes for you to discover the beauty of Taiwan within a short journey.

Touching depth tour of releasing flying lantern and Shifen railroad.

8-person luxurious van (under 6 person), the tour is around 10 hours, your specially designed golden trip can be planned accordingly to weather and your interest, for fees and route please contact ahome9454@gmail.com Sister Mei for further information.

Healthy breakfast
Shifen little train
Jingtong Train Station
Shifen old street
Release flying latern at Shifen Waterfall

(Shifen railroad journey)

Houtong Cat Village
Yeliu (or hot spring experience)
Jinshan Temple Entrance old street

The rail was built for coal transport in the past,
today it is the Pilgrimage site for retro rail fans, it is underpopulated along the way but with astonishing valley views.

Shifen Waterfall (small Nicaragua Waterfall)

Railroad which crosses the valley

From 1st to 15th January of lunar calendar, Taiwan will hold a grand thousand people releasing flying lantern prayer festival, Shifen Waterfall, Pingxi old street, Xiaozishan, Jintong, century train station and the famous Cat Village Houtong Coal Museum...,
There are many good restaurants along the way!

The different KEY to every station are like entrance passes.
See the railroad away and away with smile, the past fades away
Three railroad beauties
Strolling along the underpopulated area railroad
Lantern Festival, spectacular scene of releasing hundreds of flying lantern altogether.
You can also fly the lantern during days
Coal Museum runs by private
Shifen drawbridge
Cat Village - Houtong Coal Museum
Small village, search for seclusion and beautiful scene
Jingtong - The century wooden train station.
Jinshan old street
Temple Entrance duck meat
The railroad is a famous site for wedding salon shooting.
Reminder from the master:
  1. There are only few shifts of the little train, please remember the time of next departure.
  2. The time for releasing flying lantern is unrestricted, please ask the flying lantern shop owner for assistance, in case the lantern get burnt.
  3. Bicycle lovers can be arranged to ride on bicycle trails at Houtong or Ruifang old rail, only few cars drive along the road, you have the chance to see crowds of Taiwan blue magpie if you are lucky.