A-HOME Private Space |
Driftwood at the beach next to Jiufen mountains, dowry of Brother Yong's grandmother...
All the treasures which were kept or picked up, are the life of the hand-built home.

The Rock House

Exquisite Double Room

"Orange", everlasting happiness,
the color which feels the warmest,
always brings comfort to people.

For travelers who just had a long journey,
staying with ease in the Exquisite Double Room,
let the morning sunshine warm your face.

Entrance of The Rock, warm like visitor's home.

Traditional exterior, makes people starting to wonder what the interior would be like.

Every hand crafted wooden sculpture has its own style and characteristic.

Make a pot of tea, savoring the art taste of The Rock.

The hanging lampholder is handmade by Brother Yong, exclusive to The Rock.

The artworks aside are being kept very carefully.

Art pieces fulfilled in every corner.

Layers of purple and white, adding a bit of romantic atmosphere.

Chatting till dawn without aware of the time.

The sun shines glimmering through leaves.

stretching by the window, welcoming a great morning.

freshen up yourself, get ready for an adventure in this mountain city.

Warm Deluxe Double Room is an uninterrupted romantic space.

Sculptural artworks with a retro tea table, familiar as if back to your own home.

Clean bathroom, looks very comfortable.

Entering the room, you can relax cozily.

Next to each other, chatting about all the little things during the trip, entering dreams with smiles on your faces.

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