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Driftwood at the beach next to Jiufen mountains, dowry of Brother Yong's grandmother...
All the treasures which were kept or picked up, are the life of the hand-built home.

Wanching Sea

Sea View Double Room

In the reflection of the ocean,
see the ripples within your beloved other half's eyes,
finds a home feeling of happiness.

Sea View Double Room, changed into a new cloth,
let the ocean view outside the window and the elegance inside the room,
brings a feeling of life to the quiet space.

Friends who haven't seen each other for a while,
gather around here to catch up the good times after meal!

Beautiful wallpaper, adds lively feels to this space.

The high-ceiling observatory in the Sea View Double Room, elegant decorations can been seen everywhere.

Broad ocean view of Jiufen, wish time freezes at this moment!

We attach our dreams to the bed, send sweetness to the beach.

Make a pot of tea, with beautiful mountain and ocean view, how good can life get!

Large and bright bathroom.

Overlook the beautiful Jiufen outside the window.

This enjoyment, only at A-HOME Wanching Sea!

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