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Driftwood at the beach next to Jiufen mountains, dowry of Brother Yong's grandmother...
All the treasures which were kept or picked up, are the life of the hand-built home.

Wanching Sea

Sea View 4P Room

The best sight and best night view of Jiufen,
are quietly waiting for you,
at "Wanching Sea".

Keep walking towards the top of Jiufen,
you will see a 4 storied building,
the "Wanching Sea" with superb views.
The first thing that comes to sight,
is the warm "Sea View 4P Room".

Lounge on the second floor, travllers chat to each other

Japanese Room, focuses on spacious and Japanese style.

Opening the Japanese door, there is a spacious small living room

Separate bathing and grooming facility, gives you the most convenient bathing space.

Or enjoy your private view in the penthouse

Paint-like Jiufen scenes, the most beautiful attachment during your trip.

Fulfilled with Japanese styled "Japanese Room 2", also has spacious bedroom.

As if scenes of Japanese drama is showing here.

Two people sit close to each other quietly, watching all the scenes along the journey.

Remove all the makeups and change into the soft pajama.

Let this beautiful Jiufen ocean view accompany you into sleep.

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