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Driftwood at the beach next to Jiufen mountains, dowry of Brother Yong's grandmother...
All the treasures which were kept or picked up, are the life of the hand-built home.

Wanching Sea

Moon Penthouse

"Raise your cup to invite the moon for a drink",
this rare pleasure,
is good enough to throw all your worries away.

Make a jar of cocktail and share with friends,
or invite the moon and the ocean view for fun together.
This is the highest point of "Wanching Sea" — The "Moon Penthouse",
the best private place to enjoy two person's world for honeymoon.

Walk up to the penthouse, you can watch sunrise and sunset here.

In front of you is greenness for the 2 person's world.

Sitting in the garden, enjoy the Mediterranean greenness, ocean view and calmness.

Bright bar
Imagine yourself as a bartender, make a cocktail for the one your love!

Hand-painted wall painting by Sister Mei, adds the feelings of sweetness.

A large bed lying inside the silk drapery.

The Jiufen ocean view is just steps away.

Private balcony at Moon Penthouse, sitting on the chair with laziness, invite the moon for a drink

Overlook being embraced by mountain and sea, all the beauties of Jiufen comes into sight.

You can open the curtain and lie on the bed, let the blueness accompany you to sleep.

Or lean in front of the window, have a comfortable sunbath.

Watching the views at Wanching Sea, not only seeing the ocean views, also the details of Jiufen.

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